Premium Formulation – 100% Silicone White Roof Coating

Key Features:

● Dries quickly after application

● Excellent ponding water resistance – 100% waterproof

● Cool roof coating by reflecting sunlight and UV resistance

● Long lasting protection even with a single-coat application

● Highest possible adhesion with almost all types of substrates

EnerFlex SP 300 is a premium formulation, 100% silicone, fluid-applied, moisture-cure coating designed to provide excellent waterproofing, even against ponding water. It reflects incident sunlight, making it a top-of-the-line cool roof and UV-resistant coating. Its premium formulation makes it suitable for use in all types of climatic conditions. The 100% silicone chemistry is especially well-suited for extreme tropical environments, exposed to some of the hottest and wettest weather with intense UV exposure. The premium formulation enables it to maintain the highest possible solar reflectivity even after it ages and ensures excellent adhesion with almost all types of substrates.

Frequently Ask Questions – FAQ’s

EnerFlex SP 300 is a 100% Liquid Silicone Roof Coating with an advanced and innovative formulation. It dries quickly, withstands ponding water, and its key feature of reflecting sunlight makes it a cool roofing and UV-resistant coating.

It forms the strongest possible bond by chemically reacting and bonding with the substrate. This results in its expansion and contraction with the roof structure, eliminating the chances of debonding. Plus, its innate hydrophobic nature makes it last longer, even against ponding water.